(Editor’s note: A story published on the front of the Saturday, Sept. 11 paper profiled Sharp Creek Elementary School teacher Amber Bretzman’s lessons to her fifth-graders about 9/11. She had her students write acrostic poems, which use the first letters of each line to spell out a word. These are some of the poems they wrote.)

Together we stand

We remember

If we learn nothing else from this tragedy we learn that life is short.

Never again I hope this will happen

They saw liberty and thought they saw weakness

Of those who gave their life’s

We all have a duty to devote at least a small portion of our daily lives to ensuring that neither America nor the world ever forgets September 11th

Even the smallest act of kindness is a way to honor the ones we lost.

Remember Your loved ones.

Something is wrong

- Kassidy Cartwright

Help people in need

Everyone is sad

Anyone can tell you

Reuniting is hard

The Twin Towers fell

But, most of us are on our feet

Rebuilding is not going well

Everybody is scared

Anyone can help

Kindness is helping

Interfering won’t help

Nothing could stop it

Go spread the news

- Brileigh Cook

Destruction and rubble everywhere

Everyone is scared and,

Asking for help and the,

Twin towers were hit but, people are

Helping each other

- Cole Hemmingway

Smoke was everywhere

Everyone was scared

People are calling loved ones

Terrorists did it, why?

Everyone was sad

Memorials of a lot of people

Being injured

Everyone remembers

Remember the heroes

- Tenley Kuhn

The planes crashed

With many people inside.

Inside the planes, the people died.

Nobody Survived the crash inside the planes.

The towers lit on fire.

One tower fell,

Well, both towers fell,

Even people in the towers died.

Risking their lives people went in to save others.

Smoke filled the city and boats saved people.

- Alexis Laferney

Destruction of the twin towers

Effected all of the Americans

After the destruction people left the island

The twin towers were gone

Helping the people

- Corban Leffert

Fighting for their lives

Ignoring the consequences

Ready to fight for lives

Every minute counts

Many of them died

And we are so grateful

No one will ever be forgotten

- Bode Sorg

Using boats and all we can.

Never giving up until we’re done.

Insuring every one was found.

Turning around for nothing.

Exiting in every direction.

Daring people and firefighters losing their lives to save others.

Wishing they could’ve stopped the plane.

Everyone working as hard as they can.

Soot and ashes are everywhere

Together we’re united.

Always and forever

Never giving up

Deeds that are good are never done.

- Addison Bretzman

Heartbreaking moment

Everyone is sad

Really sad people lost their lives

Over everything that happened

- Avery Custer

A sad moment for people losing their loved ones

Many people died that day

Every fireman risk their lives for the people in the towers

Remember the firemen that save other peoples life

I know that there was a lot of boats that help people get off the island

Cars were smashed

A lot of people cried because they lost loved ones.

- Asa Dawes

All the people that lost their lives

Many boats on the

Every person in the twin towers

Real heroes, they risk their lives

It was a bad day

Cars are everywhere

All the smoke in the air

- Easton McKillip

Survivors are the lucky ones.

America was destroyed.

Danger was ahead.

- Silas Phillips

Lost families

Our lives change

Saved lives

The worst day of our lives

- Bryson Platter

People being heroes

Loved ones dying

America getting hurt

North America under attack

Explosion all around in New York

- Brody Schnurpel

Heroes who died doing what they do

Open arms to help other people

Planes crashed and killed thousands of people

Everyone who died is loved

- Jaylynn Turner

Did everyone die in the twin towers

Everyone was crying everywhere

A twin tower feel first

The Pentagon feel last

Happy people at the end

- Brielle Wells

Some people help the people evacuate

Most people were heroes and help the people

Other people were helping people to get out

Keeping people save

Everyone was sad that their mom dead

- Korey Brown

Loved ones lost

Outstanding people

Very brave heroes

Everyone was scared

- Dallas Cruz

Many tragedies

Every second counted

Many losses

Others became heroes


Into the towers

Always sticking together

Loved ones lost

- Gemma Haupert

Making sure you’re OK

Escaping from the fire

Memorial never lost

On September 11

Running for help

In trouble to help

America is still great

Love is still in the heart

- Logan Holmes


Running away

American Airlines plane

Devastating day


Crashed into buildings


New York

Television broadcast

Events were tragic

Retaliation against the U.S.

- Toriah Leonard

Plane crash

Lost family members


No one saw it coming

Escape 9/11

Smoke in lungs

- Dylon McLaughlin

Loved ones dying

Only 30 minutes

Vases breaking

Everyone panicking

- Olivia Moser

Memory never forgotten

Ever in our hearts

Most tragic moment

On September 11th

Refuge we did seek

It impacted all lives

All people were devastated and scared

Lives taken on that day

- Patrick Nesler

Believe it’s true

Leaving my home

Everyone losing loved ones

Sad that it happened

Screams of children

Everybody in danger

Destruction everywhere

- Keira Oswalt

Crashing cars.

Rushing people out of the building.

Ashes everywhere.

Shouting sirens everywhere.

Helping people

- Zoey Richardson

Planes crashing

All over the U.S.

Invasion on the planes

No one could have guessed

- Chase Ross

Twin towers crash

Widower busting out

In danger


Towers crash


Why the twin towers crash


Respect memories

September 11

- Shelia Smith

Heroes who died doing what they do

Open arms to help other people

Planes crashed and killed thousands of people

Everyone who died is loved

- Jaylynn Turner


America’s tragedy

Deaths never forgotten

Never lost in hearts

Every soul lost

Sadness spreading

Subways destroyed

- Brennan Swan

Did not expect two planes to crash into the twin towers.

Everyone was extremely scared to death.

Police were everywhere trying to get people out of and out of the way.

Real-life hero’s sacrifice their lives.

Every moment of 9/11 was horrific.

So many people were killed by fire or suicide.

So many people are lucky to be alive 20 years later.

Every moment that was in 9/11 will never be forgotten.

Depression was extremely high in/at 9/11.

- Brooklyn Yoder

Everyone knows about it

September eleventh, the twin towers

Crazily trying to run away

All the sacrifices made

People to survive, even in panic

Everyone came together

- Jon Yoder

Fear in people

Escape from the towers

America will fall, America will stand

Remember lost family members and friends

Eleventh of September

Destruction happened on 9/11.

- Mary Young

Helped us so much

Everyone was so sad

Loved ones will be missed

Please help us learn about this moment

Everyone needed to stand up

Danger was there and hope never again.

- Emerson Zweibel