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Internet loves 'slowpoke' law

It’s happened to almost all of us. You’re driving down the highway and someone is in the left lane, blocking traffic. Not only is it annoying, it’s dangerous. That’s why in 2015 Indiana legislators passed a “slowpoke” law requiri

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Woodward writes newsletters filled with local history

IT'S ALL HISTORY NOW by PETE JONES For several years now, Ron Woodward has written and edited the newsletters published by the Wabash County Historical Society. In that time he has produced an enormous amount of copy concerning many aspects of our county’s pa

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Government shouldn't force bars to go smoke-free

The proposal to prohibit tobacco use in bars, as is under consideration by the North Manchester Town Council, is not as popular in Wabash as it is up north. The idea was first pitched by the Wabash County Tobacco-Free Coalition, which is advocating for the councils

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A day for symbolism

Thursday was Flag Day, the day when we honor the symbol recognized around the world for freedom, personal liberty and hope for a better world. Scoundrels who would burn her and desecrate her out of anger because of an act of our government still do not have the las

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