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The necessity of the A-bomb

Seventy-three years ago on Thursday Nagasaki, Japan was largely incinterated as the second and last nuclear weapon was exploded in warfare. That another hasn’t been detonated in the time since is a great credit to civilization. As the weapons proliferate alon

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States should have right to determine efficiency standards

Paying less at the pump could be putting your health at risk. Getting 50 miles per gallon may increase your chance of death, at least, that’s how Trump administration officials are supporting their recommendation to roll back fuel efficiency standards and blo

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Streets once provided endless amusement for all

IT'S ALL HISTORY NOW by PETE JONES Local newspapers of 90 years ago and more carried story after story of what was happening on the streets of Wabash. One of the consistent themes of those stories is that there were sizable numbers of people, mostly men, who took t

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Be safe when returning to school

School starts today for most Wabash County students, which means the yellow buses will be back on streets and roadways carrying our children. Motorists and students need to follow the rules of the road. If your child rides the school bus, you should be encouraged t

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Beware the algae

It’s the time of year where dog owners need to be careful around local ponds, lakes and reservoirs. Algae levels have reached the action level at Salamonie Reservoir, and while most swimmers and humans should be safe, dogs are most susceptible to getting sick

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