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Walorski introduces legislation to curb taxpayer-funded harassment settlements

  - by the WPD staff

WASHINGTON — Congress members would be banned from using their taxpayer-funded office budgets to pay their accusers in exchange for silence under legislation proposed by U.S. Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-Jimtown) late last week.

The resolution was introduced on Friday following the House’s unanimous approval on Wednesday of new rules mandating anti-harassment and anti-discrimination training for all Congress members and their staff.

“Taxpayer dollars should never be used to cover up wrongdoing,” Walorski said in a prepared statement. “It’s time to put an end to secret, taxpayer-funded settlements over harassment claims in Congress. This legislation would prohibit members of Congress from using their office budgets to settle misconduct cases, and it would shed light on abuses of the system by making settlements public while protecting the identity of accusers.”

The bill targets controversial, taxpayer-funded settlements made by members of Congress to keep sexual harassment allegations hidden from the public.