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Arc on display

BY CHELSEA BOULRISSE - cboulrisse@wabashplaindealer.com

Modoc’s Market was the go-to spot for handmade art on Friday night as paintings made by clients at the Arc of Wabash County were put on display and up for sale during the “Touch of Arc” art show.

The show featured more than 50 works of art made during the Arc’s painting classes. Although the show started at 5 p.m. on Friday, Modoc’s was already filling up with art lovers and artists alike to see this year’s gallery offerings. The artists proudly watched as their paintings were bought by members of the community who were excited to hang the new pieces in their offices and homes.

The money raised during the art show will benefit the Arc’s art programs, keeping the cabinets fully stocked with all the paints, brushes and paper that the social services organization may need as well as funding a program that has allowed the imaginations and talents of Arc clients to flourish.

“Most of the clients who come to Arc are there to work,” art instructor Kathy Bakehorn said. “When they’re working, they’re just making a piece. This gives them a path or an outlet to be creative that they don’t normally have.

“We have a wonderful community support, we have wonderful friends of Arc. What could be better?”

The premise of the art show is about more than funding next year’s projects. It also serves as a practice in communication and confidence for the artists. During the show, artists mingled with the shoppers, talking about their pieces, the colors they chose and ultimately thanking patrons who bought their artwork.

“They have something to share with others that’s beautiful and it builds them up,” said Linda Johnson, Arc’s executive director.

Experiences like this, Johnson explained, provide a unique opportunity for Arc clients to connect with the public. She added that each year she sees growth in her clients, not only in their artistic talents but in their confidence and abilities to interact with others.

“They are able to show other people they are full of talent and ability,” Johnson said. “Some talent and ability is hidden and when people see it through the art, they recognize that we’re all the same. We all have challenges and we all want to be a part of our community.”