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Parkview staff tour hospital ahead of grand opening

By the WPD staff

Staff tours are underway as Parkview Wabash enters the final phase of construction ahead of the hospital's anticipated June 27 opening, Parkview Wabash representatives said on Friday.

Construction is still expected to be complete by April 1, 2018, Community Relations Specialist Susan Roesner said last week.

Roesner said all finishes will begin in the southeast corner with the plant and facilities and move northwest to the emergency department on the first floor before finally moving to the second floor.

Currently, Roesner advised that drywall is being installed on the ground floor, as are ceiling grids and interior doors. Painting is also underway in areas with drywall, and Roesner said that contractors are getting ready to lay tile in the kitchen area.

MRI equipment will be delivered sometime in early February, she added.