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Wabash City Schools employee banquet held

By Kindi Kugler - Administrative Assistant to WCS Superintendent, Jason Callahan

On Friday, May 31, Wabash City Schools held their annual Employee Banquet.

Tonya Smith, a Wabash High School employee retiring after 22 years, was honored.

The following employees who have worked for Wabash City Schools were honored and recognized for their dedication and service:

n Five years: John Davis, Alicia Draper, Krista Hopkins, Rachel Indrutz, Matt Mindach, Tyler Olson, Erin Sapusek, Lindsey Wilson and Cody Waldron;

n 10 years: Chris Beauchamp, Kate Carter, Tim Dillon, Tabatha Fairchild, Jeff Galley and Dan Stith;

n 20 years: Vanessa Daughtry and Linda Whinery;

n 30 years: Dan Engle and Janet Sparks.

Tim Dillon received the 2018-2019 Support Staff of the Year Award. Dillon was nominated by his peers for this award.

One nomination stated: “He works tirelessly around the building to keep it looking beautiful and keep everyone safe. Whenever there are special programs he works so far in advance and has things done before you even ask him, he then asks what else he can do to help. He is a hero to every boy and girl that has lost a Frisbee or football on the roof – always looking to return it to its rightful owner!”

Another nomination wrote: “His daily work directly impacts the Five Pillars of Wabash City Schools. Daily you can see him talking with the students, building relationships while always having a smile and chuckle, never once having a bad thing to say. His role is not easy and the cleanliness of the facility directly results in the students’ wellness which in turn provides an environment where the students can achieve academically. His example of hard work, dedication to duty, politeness to others and service above self, sets the standard for Citizenship. As a whole, Tim Dillon exemplifies what Wabash City Schools and Building a Legacy of Opportunity for All.”

The true embodiment of Tim’s deserving this award is that – in spite of facing serious life threatening illness, Tim’s positivity, commitment to work, and faith shine through every day and he is truly an inspiration for all.

Last year’s Joseph Ulery Teacher of the year recipient, Jen Smith, presented the 2018-2019 Teacher of the Year Award to O.J. Neighbours teacher Melva McLane.

McLane was nominated by her peers for this award. McLane is wrapping up her 11th year at OJ Neighbours Elementary School. This year she opted to transfer from second grade to first grade so she could teach the Spanish portion of the Spanish Dual Language Immersion program. McLane is one of the hardest working individuals at OJ Neighbours. She is the face and team leader of our incredible Dual Language Immersion program and takes on that role all while teaching our sweet first grade students – in Spanish. She has helped our team refine our practices, hire qualified individuals, mentor teachers and discover new conferences and schools to visit and build relationships with all to ensure the success of our program. When we say it is people not programs – Melva McLane is the people behind the DLI program. She is always striving to find the yes by researching, practicing and going above and beyond in everything she does. She strives to be better than the day before. She is a true teacher leader.

Kathy Wilson received the 2018-2019 Administrator of the Year Award. Wilson was nominated by her peers for the award. Mrs. Wilson began her career in a third grade position at Miami Elementary and has taught in five different buildings. Kathy will be starting her 33rd year in her sixth building at LH Carpenter as the new LH Carpenter Early Childhood Education Director. Wilson is one of the greatest child advocates in our district. A veteran kindergarten teacher, Wilson fought to create a classroom to help children with social and emotional challenges, regulating behaviors and working diligently to get them back into the classroom so learning was not lost.

Wilson supports the Wabash City Schools mission by ensuring each of our pillars are present with every decision she makes at OJ Neighbours and LH Carpenter. Wilson works hard at developing and strengthening relationships with students, staff and the community. She is deeply respected by all stakeholders simply because she truly puts our people before our programs. She truly understands that relationships are the key. Every single child and family she gets the opportunity to work with is built upon a strong relationship. She understands customer service and is relentless in building that relationship and in return, she is able to take challenging situations and turn them into a positive success.