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Thousands of pounds of trash left at recycling center

by Rob Burgess - rburgess@wabashplaindealer.com

During Wednesday’s North Manchester Town Council meeting, council member Thomas Dale reported that while thousands of pounds of non-recyclable materials had been kept out of the landfill, costs of disposal were growing, while profits from recycling were declining.

The announcement comes as the new Wabash County Solid Waste Management District (WCSWMD) drop-off site in Wabash opened at 1101 Manchester Ave.

Dale said there is “so much contamination” at the site due to the dumping of non-recyclable materials.

“Cardboard boxes need to be broken down, tape needs to come off of it, staples need to come out,” he said.

Dale echoed concerns raised by Wabash Mayor Scott Long at the June 10 Wabash City Council meeting that prices of recyclable materials had plummeted recently.

“Our vendor is losing his rear end right now with the costs, and contamination is a big issue with that,” said Dale.

Dale said during the spring clean-up the WCSWMD received 89,000 pounds of electronics, 49,000 pounds of chemicals and 22,000 pounds of tires.

“None of those are items that we make any money on,” he said. “Large quantities come in. We are keeping things out of the landfill that aren’t supposed to be there, but it’s a very expensive proposition.”

Dale said the new drop-off site down is using video monitoring and charges would be filed against anyone dumping illegally.

“Couches, building materials show up at a recycling center,” he said. “You can’t recycle that kind of stuff.”