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Council considers 3-way stop at county line

3-WAY STOP: A red pin indicates the location of a proposed three-way stop. Mayor Scott Long said the project is in response to complaints about speeding drivers and a history of property damage at the intersection.

BY Kaitlin Gebby - kgebby@wabashplaindealer.com

Mayor Scott Long presented a proposal for a three-way stop at Pike Street and South 300 West, locally known as Yankee Road, in Wabash.

The three-way intersection is shared between the city and county, Long said. The proposal was first brought forward to the county commissioners during their meeting Monday morning, where the commissioners approved the proposal for the three-way stop.

During Monday night’s Wabash City Council meeting, Long offered the proposal to the council for review. He said two sides of the existing intersection are within city limits, with one side extending into the county. The southwestern city limit runs through the west side of the intersection, where Pike Street turns into West Millcreek Pike. 

He said the county will need to amend their ordinance in order for the project to take place and the city will need to do the same.

Long said a meeting with the city’s traffic commission will be called to review the proposal and amended ordinance before it’s brought to the City Council for a vote. He estimated the council will see the proposal and ordinance during the first meeting in April.

“It’ll be a joint effort between the city and county,” he said. “(I have received) numerous complaints over the years of the speed of vehicles coming into town on Pike Street by the residents out there, and I received a complaint from a county resident (who owns) a house outside the city limits who has had multiple vehicles travel through their yard and tear it up.”

Long also mentioned a vehicle collided with a home on Pike Street a few years ago, adding that to the series of complaints about the intersection.