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MSD Election: Dazey seeks re-election

by ANDREW CHRISTMAN - achristman@wabashplaindealer.com

Among two of MSD of Wabash County’s incumbent school board members up for reelection this fall is Todd Dazey, who told the Plain Dealer this week he is campaigning on the same platform he did four years ago.

“Then, I was interested in improving the educational opportunities for our kids and improving the financial position of our district,” he said. “I feel we’ve come a long way on those.”

Dazey mentioned several efforts the board has made during his tenure, like raising the school corporation’s general fund balance from a negative $270,000 to a positive $2.7 million. He also pointed to additional dual credit course offerings and the Little Knights and Little Norse preschool programs.

Dazey said he’s gained an understanding of the school corporation’s budgeting system, which he believes will help the board as it navigates new state-mandated budget changes.

On the topic of MSD’s future and the recent Yager Educational Services study, Dazey said he was disappointed by the lack of detail regarding the breakdown of opinion between students, staff and the general public. He said if talks moved forward with consolidation, there will need to be more information gathered between MSD and Wabash City Schools.

“There’s going to have to be a more complete study. I think this (study) was a necessary first step on gathering information,” Dazey said. “ I know a lot of pressure is being put on to get this thing going, but I think it’s important...it has to be done correctly and you can’t skip any kind of data collection step along the way.”

Dazey said he sticks to his beliefs, even if they are not popular with fellow board members. As an example, he pointed to his previous suggestion that the board adopt an athletic policy in which students found in possession of an illegal substance would be suspended for the remainder of the season, rather than half of the season.

“That’s something I held to my convictions on and accepted the answer of the board,” he said, noting that the board shot it down by a 4-1 vote. “I’m always going to shoot straight with people and you’re never going to wonder where I’m coming from on an issue.”

Dazey will be running for his seat in MSD’s northwest district against candidates Douglas Bogert, Teresa Galley and Ryan Rosen.