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MSD extends White's contract, approves raises

by ANDREW MACIEJEWSKI - amaciejewski@wabashplaindealer.com

Metropolitan School District of Wabash County’s Board of Trustees extended its contract with White’s Residential and Family Services, approving changes in the cost of renting the schoolhouse.

The main change in the agreement was to update the costs associated with maintenance and custodial work, MSD Superintendent Mike Keaffaber said. A copy of the agreement was not provided to the Plain Dealer, but Keaffaber said the changes were basic.

“We had an old agreement that was basically outdated, and so obviously costs go up and things like that,” Keaffaber said. “That’s why we are doing it.”

MSD does not own White’s Jr.-Sr. High School, so while they educate the students in the building, they do not maintain the building.

The contract with White’s has a two-year term, but if neither party wants to make changes to the contract, it’s automatically renewed for another two years.

Students that attend White’s Jr.-Sr. High School bring the money from their hometown school district to MSD, in accordance with Indiana Code.

Keaffaber said they’ve never had any problems with contracts or agreements with White’s.

In other business, the board also approved raises for classified staff and administrators for the first time since 2016.

Administrators received a raise of about 2 percent, which include central office staff, principals, vice principals and superintendents.

Classified staff are workers who don’t have teaching certifications, such as cooks, janitors, bus drivers and teacher aides. They received around a 3 percent raise.

Before the most recent raise, the board had a multi-tiered system that made keeping track of raises confusing, Keaffaber said. Now, they categorize staff by teaching staff, administrators, and classified staff, ensuring each get a proper raise.

“This is a uniform amount that we are able to provide,” MSD Superintendent of finance Chris Kuhn said.