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Moral education can solve society's ills

Dear Editor: The girl came to mom and said, “I don’t understand, where do we come from, mom? Dad says we were all wild apes roaming in the jungle and we evolved into humans. But you said we were created by God, in the very image of God. I don’t understand!” Mom said, “Oh, that’s easy! Your dad was talking about his side of the family, and I was talking about mine.” What are we teaching our children; that they were once wild apes? Or created in the image of God with meaning, for a purpose? Are we treating the symptoms or the root cause of our societal problems?

An old proverb says, “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people.” I believe that you and I are the watchmen on the city wall and the gatekeepers of our society. It is time to sound the alarm. The enemy is not coming with guns and knives but with textbooks and ideas. We must decide if we keep treating the evil symptoms of our society, or treat the root cause. We can keep passing more laws, building more prisons, more drug treatment centers, hiring more counselors and police – but it will eventually bankrupt our society. The root cause is what we are teaching in our schools to the children.

Before the demise of Greece, Plato warned the Greek leaders they needed to get rid of their mythological gods – so full of evil: lies, deceit, envy, theft, lust, adultery, rape, incest and murder. Plato said: “A people can never be better than the gods they worship.” The American Founders understood this, too. Benjamin Franklin said that the only way to have a free society is to have a moral people. And in agreement, the First Continental Congress printed 10,000 Geneva Bibles to distribute in our public schools to teach morals.

When the Supreme Court took the Bible and prayer out of our schools in 1962, they violated 175 precedents. There were 175 judges who said: “NO,” you can’t take the Bible and prayer out of the schools. And this was the beginning of our decline; the rise in teenage pregnancy, unmarried moms, drug use, suicides, school drop-out rate and the rise in crime. The Supreme Court got it wrong. And Christians have stood silent for 56 years. We have truth and 175 precedents on our side.

We need to start with “life is Sacred,” and “life begins at conception.” This is what they teach in biology and medical schools all across this nation. And the first thing we can do is recognize this fact as law in Indiana. We are the gatekeepers and watchmen on the wall. We will be held accountable if we don’t sound the alarm and warn the people. We must speak for the weak, powerless and voiceless. God will hold us accountable for what we do today.

Russell Reahard, candidate for Indiana House District 18