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Honesty matters more than experience

Dear Editor: I know that politicians slant things to make themselves look good. And I know that someone who has been in office for 30 years should be good at that. But outright lies?

It seems that our state representative, David Wolkins, is lying on an issue – one that we know of. Are there more?

Mr. Wolkins has posted on his Facebook page and written on the literature that he is distributing that he has “Voted to END abortion” as one of six points under “Experience Matters.” However, if anyone cares to look up these bills, it can be determined by the Indiana General Assembly website (iga.in.gov/) that this is clearly a false claim.

SB340 is from the 2018 session and is summarized as such: “Regulation of abortion and newborn safety devices.” This bill attempts to regulate how abortion clinics are licensed and inspected.

HB1172 is from the 2006 session and is summarized as “Written information before an abortion.” This bill provides guidance as to what information must be handed to a woman in writing prior to her abortion.

Neither of these bills even comes close to an attempt to END abortion. How many unsuspecting and trusting people in District 18 are believing this? If this is untrue, how many of the other points are also untrue? Mr. Wolkins, I guess you think that “Experience Matters,” but honesty does not!

Alan Wojtkowiak, Urbana