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Warm weekend weather won't stay

by ANDREW MACIEJEWSKI - amaciejewski@wabashplaindealer.com

Temperatures will be above average as the weekend approaches, but meteorologists say temperatures will remain below average for the coming weeks before the region sees a sharp transition into above average temperatures this summer.

Today temperatures will reach mid-40s and continue to increase gradually through the weekend. Wednesday will see high 50s, and top out in the 70s on Thursday and Friday. The normal high temperature for Wabash this week is 59 degrees, with historical lows of about 34 degrees, National Weather Service Meteorologist Kyle Brown said.

Brown said the above average temperatures will be fleeting, as a rain system with a possibility for thunderstorms moves in this Saturday, brining a cold front that plans to stay in the region.

“Right now, it’s as if the atmosphere kind of gets blocked up and we remain in this pattern such that the cold air from Canada consistently keeps diving into our area,” Brown said. “It takes awhile to break that trend.”

Brown said Wabash County will see below average temperatures and above average precipitation in April. Historically, Wabash County sees its last snowstorm between April 10-18. Fort Wayne has seen snow as late as late May, Brown said.

April typically brings up to an inch and a half of snow in Wabash County, but the county has not hit that mark yet, according to NWS data.

As rainstorms continue to push through the area, Brown said there will be gradual change in temperature. Climatologists say the region is leaving a La Nina pattern and approaching a neutral period where the Midwest is expected to reach well above average temperatures this summer.

This weekend’s rain system could drop up to an inch of rain on the county.

“With this weekend’s rain system, it looks like half inch to an inch of rain,” Brown said. “I’m already seeing a couple fields with rain in them already, so an additional half inch of rain is not going to be good for that certainly.”

Brown said we have not rounded the corner yet to move into spring weather, but he said things should eventually even out.

“If you take that basic principle of the earth wanting to be in balance,” Brown said. “It’s been so cold and below normal lately so something’s got to give. We have to warm up a little bit to restore balance in the atmosphere.”