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Munn trial delayed to July

by ANDREW CHRISTMAN - achristman@wabashplaindealer.com

The trial of a former Manchester University student accused of drowning her baby has been pushed back to July following hearings from the prosecution.

Mikayla Munn, 23, has had her jury trial pushed back to July 23 due to a motion of continuance from Prosecutor William Hartley Jr., according to prosecution office manager Tammy Burnsworth.

“The defense has made a lot of motions that will be heard Thursday,” Burnsworth said.

The hearings will include taking depositions from all parties involved and will determine what can be used as evidence in the trial.

Munn faces charges of murder and neglect of a dependent, both Level 1 felonies, when on March 8, 2016 she allegedly gave birth to her child in a bathtub and made no action to save the child.

According to a probable cause filed by North Manchester Police Department Sgt. Jon Pace, Munn had reportedly stated she fainted after giving birth and she had no knowledge of being pregnant prior. Munn reportedly stated when she came too, there was blood in the bathtub and the baby had sunk to the bottom.

Pace noted a search of Munn’s dormitory indicated a shoe had been placed next to the bathtub with a shoelace removed.

“Ms. Munn remembered tying the umbilical with the shoelace, but told us she remembered it from a TV show or something,” Pace wrote. The shoe was indicated to be clean, leading investigators to believe the shoe had been taken to the bathroom prior to Munn giving birth.

A separate probable cause, written by Indiana State Police Detective Johsua Maller, indicated that following a search warrant for the electronic devices in Munn’s position, Munn had reportedly had several conversations via text messages regarding her pregnancy and had made several Google searches relating to at-home abortions.

Following an autopsy of the child, it was noted Dr. Thomas Sozia, a forensic pathologist, found the child to be full term and healthy with no abnormalities.

“It was shown that the child had liquid in its stomach and that one lung was filled with air. These indicate the child was born alive and had taken a breath,” Pace wrote. 

Munn is being represented by attorneys Daniel Vanderpool and Benjamin Vanderpool of Warsaw. She has remained in the custody of the Wabash County Jail since her arrest.