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The staff of the Peggy F. Murphy Community Grief Center, a service of Stillwater Hospice, has announced the creation of a grief support group for members of the LGBTQ-plus community starting Sept. 12, said director of communications Bonnie Blackburn-Penhollow. Read more



With four seasoned veterans returning for the upcoming season, Wabash’s varsity volleyball team is looking to build around a conglomerate of experience to take the program forward after a 2021 season that ended with a record of 21-11. Read more


As Ryan Carmichael’s first season as Wabash football’s head coach approaches, there is a slew of areas that he’s looking forward to seeing propel them to wins. None more so than the athletic ability that makes up the 2022 Apaches. Read more

Fresh from the court of Manchester University, Dakota Goetz was recently named Northfield’s head varsity volleyball coach after just recently playing for the Spartans last winter. Read more


After two seasons in which Manchester High School’s Braxton Ream tallied 1,000 yards or more in rushing, Ream has decided to continue his collegiate career where he will take his abilities to Taylor University and suit up for the Trojans. Read more

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In a survival situation, the three necessities for life are food, water and shelter.

The word from people who know is that Taylor Swift is working with younger edgier indy artists, trying to stay relevant, hoping to hang on in today’s rapidly shifting pop culture, trying to free herself from the bonds of the narrative lyric and pick up the style of spatter imagery. Miss Swift is 32.