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On Wednesday, Nov. 24, troopers working from the Indiana State Police (ISP) Peru Post conducted a saturation patrol targeting aggressive and impaired drivers in Miami, Wabash, Cass, Fulton, Grant and Howard counties, according to ISP Peru Post public information officer Sgt. Tony Slocum. Read more



Southwood’s varsity boys basketball team traveled to Lewis Cass for their first road contest of the season in a game that ended in the Knights on the receiving end of a 70-29 blowout at the hands of the Kings. Read more


The Manchester University men’s basketball team found itself on the winning end of yet another dramatic finish on Saturday afternoon. After narrowly falling on a buzzer-beater earlier in the week, the Spartans were able to sink a clutch basket themselves as time expired against host Oberlin College. Read more

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Thanksgiving at my home was a delightful affair. We enjoyed a large family gathering, well-seasoned with old and new friends. Nobody spoke of inflation, which is always a welcomed thing. In fact, my advice to anyone whose Thanksgiving table is despoiled by macroeconomics, is to establish hard fines for such talk next year.

The idea that Chris Cuomo could remain a fair and objective CNN commentator while his politically ambitious brother, Andrew, was governor never had much credibility. But the material Attorney General Letitia James released this week documenting Chris’ role in his brother’s affairs should remove any doubt.

Since June 2009 our disabled veterans, their advocates, and their family and friends have contacted Congress and various administrations asking for fair and adequate compensation. So far, there has not been significant action on this issue. The Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA) that they rece…