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President Joseph Biden’s signature Build Back Better legislation — including provisions for health care, climate change, housing and early childhood education — is ambitious and transformational. It may also be doomed.

When I was a kid in the late 1970s, we had one telephone in our house. It was a drab green color and had a very long chord to allot the user some freedom to roam into the living room or dining room if they were adventurous. We could only talk to grandparents a state away for just a few seconds because the call was so expensive for a blue-collar family. Our aunt in Montana got to say “hello” once a year. This was life under the regime of a private monopoly mandated and regulated by the government.

A criminal whose guilt is obvious gets off on a technicality, and the great debate begins. You’ve undoubtedly heard it, in real life on the news or in detective fiction in print or on the screen.